Sukha Yoga
Sukha सुख

A Sanskrit and Pali word meaning bliss, ease and happiness.

In the Yoga Sutras Patañjali uses the term 'Sukha' when he defines asana as the balance between 'Sukha' and 'Stirah' which means strength, steadiness and firmness.

Sukha Yoga aims to empower you to explore, challenge and find ease in your body and mind in a safe and fun environment.
Public and Private Classes
Sukha Yoga was founded by Beth Thomas. We offer public classes in the Cheshire East area covering a range of styles to suit everyone. Find out more in the ' Classes'  section.

We also offer private and bespoke classes to individuals, groups and organisations. For more information on pricing and other details please contact us by visiting the 'Contact' page .
Beth is a qualified mindfullness practitioner and weaves a meditative element into all of her classes from grounding to longer compassion to self  and body scan meditations

We also offer private and bespoke Meditation sessions for individuals and groups. For more information on pricing and other details please contact us by visiting the 'Contact' page .

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